The Gillie Gloat Page


Here's some stuff that Gillie can gloat about. It real pretty wood. The guy I get this from always has quality wood. This haul was no exception.


He like the curly figure on this wide piece of maple


If you turn it over it had even better figure. Almost, if not, a tiger maple.


I picked out some special boards that just came in. This ash had several boards. Gillie was quick to pick out the widest. I was quick to take his cash, He tried to short me but I was so nice about it he had no choice but to feel guilty and pay me more. Even tried to pay me again after I got home. That Gillie, he's a good guy!


Gillie wanted to show off one more shot of his new saw. All he got was a shot of a great bunch of guys who will go to any lengths to have a good time....or drive anywhere. Watch out! You could be next on the IGIT Woodhaul. Eagle almost got us caught in a black hole or lost in the space time continuum; he's trying to take a picture of the guy trying to take a picture of the guy trying...oh well, you know what I cameras is dangerous!