The Carolina meeting of some of the Brotherhood of IGITs (part one)

Well here  is how it all started, Cracker had to make a trip to the mountains of North Carolina to help his mom out. He got a brainstorm and decided to plan two other features into the trip. Get some wood for fellow woodworkers in Florida that have to pay high prices and visit a couple of fellow woodworkers that he has commiserated with. (Eagle & Gillie) Now Eagle was an easy diversion from a distance perspective, he was only 30 minutes one way of the planned path home. Gillie, like we all know, is a different subject. He was approximately 4 hours from Eagles place AND not in the same direction as Florida. But Cracker had found a ton (almost literal) of wood that Gillie had mentioned he would like and Gillie was tied down with family in town for Mother's Day. Cracker, who is never in his right mind, continued to not be in his right mind and talked Eagle into going to Gillies with him. (What does that say about Eagle and the company he keeps?) To make things most efficient after a terribly inefficient decision to visit Gillie, Eagle drives part way with his truck so Cracker can just stay on track for home when they get back to the fork in the road. (I 85 & I 20).

All time considered, Cracker got up at 6:30 Friday morning, fixed the trailer with some new lights, did a couple of more things for ma and headed out to Eagle's place in Camden. They chatted and otherwise had a great time talking about shops, tools, home improvements and WoodNet people. (maybe YOU???) About 3:30-4:30 they headed out for Gillies.

Knotty Cracker has been on the road for about 4 hours coming from the mountains of NC traveling to Eagle's house in Camden, SC.  Finally, his arrival at Eagle's place:


After a tour of Eagle's shop and home, we take off for another 4 hour drive to Gillies.



On the road again. Still smiling, but Cracker still has 14 more hours of driving to do.



Well we finally arrived at the Barbeque place that Gillie met us at. That's Gillie and his brother surveying the haul with Cracker.



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