Well, we arrived at Jackson's BBQ in Wilmington after about 3 1/2 hours of driving and good conversation. Made really good time considering the load and a slight delay for an accident on I-95. Cracker had to turn the load around in the median and find a way around cus they wus parking on I-95. As you can see it is just about getting dark.


Cracker and Gillie check out the haul.

Some of you may have seen the post where Cracker was teasing Gillie about the cost of all the turning wood that he picked up for Gillie. Cracker did a good job of keeping the suspense up until Eagle got the camera ready. Cracker likes to share, so here's a shot of Gillies face before and after Cracker told him:




He knows now!


Cracker's gonna let Gillie decide if he wants to share the cost. You guys bug him, I'm sure he'll tell. I'll just say it was a deal.

After the shock wore off we remembered that we were hungry, so we did what most IGITs do when they get together....EAT! We also learned one thing that we will share with the anyone who has Eagle over for chow....DON"T bring him a small plate of food! He can be dangerous, that boy can put down some food. We had a good time chatting over food.


Now I know we are kinda fat and ugly, so we will insert a picture of our sever here so you can continue to follow the story. If you need to, use the back button and refresh yourself. Here is our server:


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