After BBQ and Cracker flirting with the server, she begged the others to take him away. So the party headed to Gillies shop home to the now famous and most gloated Bridgetank. This page will serve of proof of its existence. We also decided to plane some of the wider boards on Gillies 15" planer. (Cracker had planer envy.)

Here's Eagle with a piece of curly cherry.


Gillie admires the figure:


A couple of wood engineers at work.


Cracker hams up some figured maple. Hard to see, but these boards were borderline tiger maple.


Here is a shot of the pregnant white oak. (Oak burl) Dr Gillie is gonna deliver that baby with his lathe when he has time. He got about 18 other logs of varying shapes, sizes and wood type. The biggest were some 16-18 diameter logs of cherry & walnut.



Here's a shot of Gillies new firewood pile. Some of this stuff literally came from a guy who supplies firewood and that is where it was; in line for firewood. Good thing it is not too cold right now.


And now......Drum roll please.........Let's see Gillies bridgetank.

First, a picture of the power cord....he tried to use this one because when he turned it on it did not make a sound:

VH Audio Power Cords.


Drums still beating! Then, after getting advice from the guy at Lowes he got this one.

Well, finally he got some advise from an IGIT on WoodNet and got it right. So, without further ado:


Gillies Bridgetank!!!!! His came standard with the filing system to keep him more organized when he saws.


Well, the rest of the wood is ready to travel to Florida. (sorry about the grainy was dark out!)


So, after a few hours at Gillies, Eagle and Cracker discovered that it was late. 12:30 am to be exact. Time to drive home. They began the long drive back home. Cracker parted ways with Eagle at about 3:30 am. Cracker drove on until about 7:00 am when he had to close his eyes so he pulled off the road. Then the hot Georgia sun woke him up at about 7:30 and he continued on home. Cracker arrived home at 12:30 and had to unload the trailer before his crappy neighbors complained to the HOA. Here is the wood stacked in Cracker's messy shop. Come get it so I can do some work! Call me or PM if you want any wood I got left.



The End....for now. Oops not really, bonus footage just in!

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